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The Forrest Wilson Experience

Forrest Wilson

As a podcast, The Forrest Wilson Experience is recorded in a field of wellbeing, wholeness, creativity, healing, inspiration, and generativity

As a listener and receiver, you are invited to relax and rest into this field.
You are invited to be resourced and recreated by the field we are gathering in.

About Forrest

After his father passed away in his early twenties, Forrest decided to let go of the idea he had for his life based on the expectations, conditioning, and cultural constructs he took on as a young person and dive deep into healing, developmental, and awakening journeys.

After nearly a decade of playing in the unseen world, Forrest has found connection to a tremendous passion for supporting a humanity to live life more fully. By embodying a way of being that is palpably alive, clear, penetrative, and illuminating, Forrest invites folks around him to play all out.

The experience of being around Forrest is oftentimes described as intense. Intensely loving, clear, challenging, and sometimes confronting. The term "The Forrest Wilson Experience" has emerged from a group of people to describe that people can't not transform and develop when they hang around Forrest.

This podcast has been building in Forrest for over a decade, and is launching now as an invitation for every person to let go of who we pretend to be, to suspend pretending, and get raw, real, honest, and clear with each other.

Forrest invites the folks he meets along the journey of life to join in a field of loving, healing, wholehearted awareness where we can see and be seen by each other as the universe unfolds into greater expressions of juicy aliveness and vibrant being-ness.

Forrest and the other luminaries and pioneers who gather for these recordings vibrantly emanate the essence of who we all are while blazing trails of vivacious consciousness into the future-now together.

Topics of exploration include and are not limited to: 
The Soul Economy, Wellbeing, Planetary Systems, Culture, We-Spaces, Healing, Sourcing, The Mystical Path, Money, Evolution, Embodiment, Sacred Spaces, Collective Coherence, Collective Emergence, Development, Trauma, Shadow Work, The Destiny of Humanity, Energy Work, and more!