The Forrest Wilson Experience

Mangoes Giggle When They Roar: A Journey Into Wholeness with Alexander Love

August 10, 2023 Forrest Wilson Season 1 Episode 91
The Forrest Wilson Experience
Mangoes Giggle When They Roar: A Journey Into Wholeness with Alexander Love
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm joined by Alexander Love and together, we explore Wholeness and the process of Becoming.

Alexander and I met in 2022 in Boulder, Colorado, where Alexander has an established practice as a developmental coach, acupuncturist, and developer of the Lumina Process, a coaching modality that supports clients to resolve their interior shadows..

I've felt so connected to Alexander since the moment we met and I keep discovering we have more and more in common, including both of us losing our fathers in our early twenties.

Last fall I had the joy and pleasure of facilitating a weekend retreat in partnership and collaboration with Alexander and am excited to share him with you through this podcast recording.

In this episode, Alexander and I explore how growing up is not about climbing stairs, but rather a filling-out process of becoming more whole.

We explore Wholeness as an experience and a place to orient from, recognizing that by establishing Wholeness as a starting point, we can see potentials in people and connect from what is most essential in us.

We notice relating from Wholeness embraces the Grace of allowing ourselves and others the room to practice, learn, and grow as we navigate the path of embodying and becoming who we are more fully.

We speak about Wholeness and Qualities of Wholeness:

  1. Wholeness leaves nothing behind. Separation, division, and fragmentation have to be included, otherwise it wouldn't be Wholeness.  
  2. Wholeness embraces every part of ourselves, encouraging us to turn towards, get to know, and be closer with every aspect of who we are.
  3. Wholeness has an infinite capacity to embody various virtues like wonder, curiosity, love, and playfulness.

Additional topics we explore include:

  1. Sympoiesis - becoming with each other and the world as we hug life intimately and re-enchant ourselves with the essence of simple human kindness and decency.
  2. The beauty of embracing ourselves as verbs, as an unfolding, as a continuity stream, and a set of gestures.
  3. Becoming reenchanted.
  4. The gift of reason can oftentimes come with the pain of distance.

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