The Forrest Wilson Experience

Birthing Your Authentic Voice with Nadja Muller

July 23, 2023 Forrest Wilson Season 1 Episode 64
The Forrest Wilson Experience
Birthing Your Authentic Voice with Nadja Muller
Show Notes

On this episode, my guest is Nadja Muller and together, we explore and unpack a mystical shamanic moment we recently had together which culminated with Nadja birthing her authentic voice. 

This podcast is recorded in a Field of Wellbeing, meaning there is an invitation for you to relax into the field we are hanging out in and speaking from. Being in the field in which this podcast was recorded and allowing it to impact you invites the body's innate generative and regenerative capacities to come online more fully.

Healing is happening all the time and always available in this Now. This podcast invites the possibility of recreating yourself New sourced from and infused with the field that's inviting these explorations. 

Additional topics we explore include:

  1. What it is like to let go and Let The Divine Lead.
  2. The move from dominance hierarchies to egalitarian structures that can give way to empowerment hierarchies.
  3. Responsibility, maturity, what it means to be an adult, and how we can be in situations where we feel like we could have done better.
  4. Resonance Fields
  5. Distinction between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
  6. Shift from victim consciousness and drama triangle into Creatorship
  7. The New World Wanting To Be Born Now

August 2023 - Nadja and I are inviting you to join us for a workshop to Birth Your Authentic Voice. If you feel lit up and inspired listening to this episode and would like to explore this opportunity, you can find more information about this upcoming gathering here: Birthing Your Authentic Voice Workshop in Netherlands

Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson

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